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The iconic MIT home page Spotlight features a daily-changing image and design that focuses on advances in research, technology and education taking place at the Institute. Though some Spotlights do run multiple days - for example Friday's spot usually runs through the weekend, we work very hard to maintain the daily-changing tradition. We've combed our servers and have compiled a digital archive of the Institute home page through the years - well over 2000 images. Enjoy!
From undisciplined to interdisciplinary Today's Spotlight features an image by Bryce Vickmark of Philippe Rigollet.

Philippe Rigollet was born in a rural French town with a population of only 365. His mother was a speech therapist, and his father taught grades two through five at the local elementary school. The 30-odd students in those four grades shared a single classroom, and during math class, Rigollet’s father would pose questions to each group in turn. “That’s where I got used to being good at math,” Rigollet says. “I would try to listen to the harder questions from the upper class.”

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The MIT home page Spotlight showcases the research, technology and education advances taking place at the Institute every day.

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Scaffolding of the universe

Scaffolding of the universe

Today's Spotlight features an image by Lillie Paquette, MIT School of Engineering.

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MIT’s Center for Theoretical Physics (CTP) is within the Laboratory for Nuclear Science and the Department of Physics.

The center houses the research activities of 14 MIT faculty members, and a cohort of postdocs and graduate students, whose interests span nuclear and particle physics, string theory, gravity, and quantum information—all of whom are engaged in advancing our theoretical understanding of how the universe works.

The CTP celebrates its 50th anniversary in March, 2018."